Daily Photos: Days #11 to #20

20/365 hearts and hearts 20   19/365 curtain track 19

18/365 wind in the willows 18   17/365 eggs from a freecycler 17

16/365 new old telly 16  15/365 self 15

14/365 used books through transparent screen 14   13/365 dr stuarts fennel tea 13

12/365 olivia joules 12   11/365 money 11

20/365 Hearts and Hearts – Trying to get together ideas for Valentine’s cards to make for my shop.
20 January 2011

19/365 Curtain Track – My brother came to put up a new curtain track for my bay window.
19 January 2011

18/365 Wind in the Willows – Reading Wind in the Willows in front of crappy tv quiz shows.
18 January 2011

17/365 Eggs from a Freecycler – Been freecycling some items this week and one lady brought me a box of eggs laid by her hens (the freecycled boksahi bran would be going in their feed).
17 January 2011

16/365 New Old Telly – Old telly but new for us gifted by my Dad.
16 January 2011

15/365 Self
15 January 2011

14/365 Used Books Through Transparent Screen – I was inspired by another 365’er shot using trick photography to create a transparent screen so to make yet another photo of books more interesting here is my first attempt at a transparent screen.
I think the background needed to be a bit more dramatic/interesting to be more effective so I’ll bear that in mind next time.

The pile of books all came in the post that day. Some from Oxfam, so from 3rd party Amazon sellers.  All used except for one.

– Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani
– The Prestige by Christopher Guest
– Panic by Jeff Abbott
– The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
– The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
– Which Witch by Eva Ibbotson
– The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

14 January 2011

13/365 Dr Stuart’s fennel tea bag tag – On a day which has nothing extraordinary I thought I’d show something very ordinary.  I drink lets of fennel tea.  In fact it’s my main drink not having been able to stomach caffeine for a long time.

13 January 2011

12/365 Olivia Joules – Reading Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding.  I loved Cause Celeb but didn’t much enjoy Bridget Jones Diary as I didn’t like the format.  This one is definately more in the Cause Celeb style and thus I’m quite enjoying it.
12 January 2011

11/365 Money
11 January 2011

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2 comments on “Daily Photos: Days #11 to #20
  1. cinderkeys says:

    I’ve stared at those hearts at the top, wondering why it is that they’re so simple to make, but if I made them they wouldn’t look half as cool as yours. 🙂

    On an unrelated note, have you seen this:

  2. ashysheela says:

    Impressed with reading and TV concurrently! Go brain! Ooh and phototaking – that’s multi-tasking that is 😉

    Love the curtain hooks one – monochrome is nice! (is that the right word – my brain not awake really!)

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