Daily Photos: Days #21 to #30

30/365 rspb birdwatch 30 29/365 panic 29

28/365 don't sit too close to the tv 28 27/365 self with ear defenders 27

26/365 big cherry holler26 25/365 wash 25

24/365 tummy medicine 24 23/365 self stretched out on sofa 23

22/365 mums tv set up22 21/365 sophie anderson book #3 and fly 21

30/365 RSPB Birdwatch
30 January 2011

29/365 Panic – Panic by Jeff Abbott
29 January 2011

28/365 Don’t Sit Too Close to the TV – Watching Never Been Kissed DVD
28 January 2011

27/365 Self with ear defenders.
27 January 2011

26/365 Big Cherry Holler – Big Cherry Holler by Adriani Trigiani.
26 January 2011

25/365 Wash – Wash. Something not to take for granted.
25 January 2011

24/365 Tummy Medicine – Homemade tummy medicine just before I’m going to bed.

Resolve really helps settle my stomach, relieve bloating/gas caused by my IBS and also helps when I feel sick/nauseous. It also helps with electrolytes rather than drinking something like Gatorade for Dysautonomia like POTS.  Might explain why I feel like I’ve have a little boost after drinking it.

But Resolve contains paracetamol and I don’t like to take that all the time.  So I bought the ingredients to make my own version without the paracetamol and it’s been really good and certainly helps both with tummy problems and days when I’m feeling a bit weird (mild dysautonomia associated with my ME I suspect).

At first I measured it with scales but now I approximate now I know roughly how much of each to use per dose.

Glass of water
0.95g sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
0.8g potassium bicarbonate
0.4g citric acid (more or less to taste)

24 January 2011


23/365 Self Stretched Out On Sofa – Me stretched out on the sofa with blanket, pillow and cat. Watching tv with my husband and resting after exertions of the day before.
23 January 2011

22/365 Mums TV Set Up – Installed a new digital tv recorder for my mum. Telly, video, DVD player and digital recorder (PVR).
22 January 2011

21/365 Sophie Anderson Book #3 and Fly – Reading Fan Mail by PD Martin the third Sophie Anderson book and there’s my cat Flyman getting in on the picture.
21 January 2011

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2 comments on “Daily Photos: Days #21 to #30
  1. I like photo 21, as it seems to catch life itself unaware, or rather relaxed and with the guard down – this is life: a book, a cat, a place to be – the things that make a quality of life.

    I wish there was more info on 29? Are you supposed to see these birds every day?

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