Daily Photos: Days #31 to #40

40/365 the prestige 40 39/365 pilates mat and fan heater 39

38/365 perfect catch 38 37/365 bedside ldn 37

36/365 shakespeares trollop 36 35/365 at ikea 35

34/365 pray for silence 34 33/365 the green mile 33

32/365 two for the dough 32 valentines rainbow hearts 31/365 31

40/365 The Prestige – The Prestige by Christopher Priest
9 February 2011

39/365 Pilates Mat and Fan Heater – Took delivery of pilates mat to use for physio and hopefully build on that with some pilates exercises if my ME will let me. Also got the fan heater in the background – treated myself to a blast as our heating is bust.
8 February 2011

38/365 Perfect Catch – Watched The Perfect Catch on DVD.
7 February 2011

37/365 Bedside LD – Here’s my nightly 2ml dose of LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone). I often have it in a glass with a little water so that I can take it as late as possible and because often the move from downstairs to bed upstairs and exertion of getting changed triggers tummy problems so I need to take some tum medicine and need to wait to take my LDN.  It’s supposed to be cherry flavoured (I love cherry flavour) but it’s quite bitter depending how far down my throat I can throw it!
6 February 2011

36/365 Shakespeares Trollop – Shakespeare’s Trollop by Charlaine Harris (book #4 of the Lily Bard series)
5 February 2011

35/365 At Ikea – At Ikea, Walsall with Mr Creative pushing my wheelchair.
4 February 2011

34/365 Pray for Silence – Pray for Silence by Linda Castillo on my lap which is under the blanket.
3 February 2011

33/365 The Green Mile – On the sofa, in the afternoon, in my pj’s, under my blanket, watching an old recording on The Green Mile. It was excellent. First time I’ve seen the movie and it was not what I was expecting. Thought it would be dark and grim but not at all.
2 February 2011

32/365 Two for the Dough – Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich. Stephanie Plum book #2
1 February 2011

31/365 Valentines Rainbow Hearts – Rainbow Hearts pop up card which I’ll be selling for 2011 Valentines. Each card is 120mm square and comes with envelope. The printed cards use excellent quality silky smooth 300gsm card with pop up insert on 220gsm so it folds away well.  They are left blank inside for your own message.
31 January 2011

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