Daily Photos: Days #51 to #60

60/365 cocodamol 60 59/365 fingers mecfs 59
58/365 portable relaxation 58 57/365 italy v wales 6 nations 57
56/365 in motion in wheelchair 56 55/365 heart rate monitor my normal 55
54/365 soba noodles 54 53/365 haircut 53
52/365 pj leg 52 51/365 large alpro soya cherry 51

60/365 Cocodamol – Effervescent co-codamol. Sciatic flare up.
1 March 2011

59/365 Fingers MECFSReading about fingerprint degredation a symptom of ME/CFS. Here are my wrinkly fingers, like I’ve been soaking in the bath but that’s their natural state especially when cold. I have horizontal and vertical lines across most of my finger tips (and thus fingerprints) as well as lines running along the lengths of my fingers. I thought it was a dry skin or agin thing. Turns out it’s another ME/CFS thing possibly a biomarker for the condition. Interesting stuff.
28 February 2011

58/365 Portable Relaxation – Now I have my slowly growing collection of relaxation/meditation tracks on my little MP3 player so I can listen upstairs as well as downstairs on my main MP3 player. Spent a good chunk of my day trying to get my old Sansa M240 to synch with Windows Media Player 11. I can the player to show and synch tracks but can’t get it to carry playlists over to the player. Oh well. At least I deleted the old tracks (by formatting it) and can now add and remove tracks through Windows Media Player.
27 February 2011

57/365 Italy v Wales 6 Nations – Husband avidly watching Italy v Wales in 6 Nations.
26 February 2011

56/365 In Motion in Wheelchair – Quick blurry snap on my phone camera as husband pushed me in my wheelchair on a brief visit to Boots at Tamworth Ventura Retail Park for some toiletries shopping in the evening.
24 February 2011

55/365 Heart Rate Monitor My Normal – My heart rate monitor arrived (Sigma Onxy Classic). My average heartbeat sitting around using lpatop or watching telly is in the mid to high 90’s. Not great but either due to my ME/CFS or due to the low dose tricyclic I take for pain control. Need to talk to my doctor as my HR is high when I stand or do ordinary things. Also bought this HRM as I’ve been reading about Pacing using a HRM
24 February 2011

54/365 Soba Noodles – Mmmm soba noodles with honey and tamari.
23 February 2011

53/365 Haircut – Had a haircut scheduled with my lovely mobile hairdresser. Woke up in the morning and decided to go for something short and sassy. So pleased I did 🙂
22 February 2011

52/365 PJ Leg – Pyjama leg/knee sitting in bed with cat, book, remote controls and husband’s legs under the covers.
21 February 2011

51/365 Alpro Soya Cherry – Alpro Soya Cherry dessert. Yum.
20 February 2011

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6 comments on “Daily Photos: Days #51 to #60
  1. Jocelyn says:

    Isn’t it amazing? My wrinkling is a bit worse than yours, but it is obviously the same thing. How can anyone say this is psychological?

    • Jocelyn says:

      Oh, and I have a fingertip heart rate monitor too. Sometimes it can’t even pick up my heartbeat, my heart is so weak. It never fails to pick up Chimp’s, though. I generally run in the 80s. Before I fell ill, my normal heart rate was around 60. My stroke volume is about a third of normal. That’s why it gets so bad when we stand up – our poor little hearts can’t keep up. I take a beta blocker, metoprolol, regularly, to keep it down and have a supply of another beta blocker, propranolol, I can take if it starts running into the 90s or above. That works pretty well.

  2. Interestig, I have the permanent wrinkly fingers too and was told ‘oh you need to drink more’ but then when I drank 2 gallons a day for several months, I still had those, so the doctor said, ‘oh you need to drink more’ and Linda said, ‘She’s drunk 5 liters since getting up.” and he just went ‘Oh’ (which is usually what they say when they are out of authoritative things to say).

    I have the exact same little player – it won’t take songs that are more than 192 hz on mp3’s, I learned, and have other tricky things. But it is great for taking places particularly the hospital for waiting the hours in the ER bay. Or doctors appointments (or specialists) for the 40 minute wait.

    • Yep oxidative stress and/or immune activation – water isn’t going to take those wrinkles out.

      I like my little player but it can be a bit tempremental sometimes!

  3. PS – your haircut looks great, you look young and sassy and full of VERVE!

    • Thanks. I haven’t had it cut since so it’s quite long by comparison. But my hairdresser is coming to cut it tomorrow. Hopefully back to sassy again 🙂 Though it is a bit harder to look after as I need to dry it/style it which is extra spoons.

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