Daily Photos: Days #81 to #90

90/365 cue the easter bunny 90 89/365 insulation installation 89
88/365 grabber 88 87/365 gp waiting room 87
86/365 take two as required 86 85/365 sofa rest 85

84/365 happy birthday rachel m 84 83/365 reclining 83

82/365 internet shortcuts and crappy telly 82 81/365 mars bar 81

90/365 Cue The Easter Bunny – Cue The Easter Bunny by Liz Evans. Library book.
31 March 2011

89/365 Insulation Installation – Had my loft and cavity wall insulation done today through a Warm Front grant. The guys from the installer were excellent.Ā  Here you can see some of the rolls of loft insulation and the pipe snaked by the van pumped the insulation from the van into our walls once they had drilled holes.
30 March 2011

88/365 Grabber – My grabber. An essential tool when my back pain is bad. This design is very versatile, good grip and easy on the hand/wrist too. A lot nowadays are longer than this but this is about the length of my natural reach – any longer and I find it difficult to balance anything weighty I might want to grab. Also good for fussing cat without bending down and opening bedroom curtains without getting out of bed!
29 March 2011

87/365 GP Waiting Room – My doctor’s surgery waiting room – very quiet when we arrived. Just 2 other patients on the other side of the room. By the time I left the doctors consulting room it was kind of busy :/
28 March 2011

86/365 Take Two as Required – My brother Simon bought me a bag of Mars Minitures after I was joking that Mars bars help with pain relief (having jiggered my back a few days earlier).Ā  He put a label on the bag that says “Two to be taken as required. If in doubt always consult a qualified confectioner.” I love it!
27 March 2011

85/365 Sofa Rest – Taken from the sofa as I lie having a rest and taking the strain off my poorly back. Peering around my pillow at my husband using his netbook over in the chair while I hog the sofa. He looks after me ever so well.
26 March 2011

84/365 Happy Birthday Rachel M – Flyman’s greeting wishing Rachel M a happy birthday and doesn’t he look like he’s ready for a big kiss?
25 March 2011

83/365 Reclining – Early spring sunshine reclining on my garden lounger chair with my cat Flyman lying on my chest. Bliss šŸ™‚
24 March 2011

82/365 Internet Shortcuts and Crappy Telly – Discovered a new freeview tv channel that shows episodes of old game shows mainly from the 1990’s. Here’s Family Fortunes on in the background while I check out some of my usual internet haunts.Ā  Showing my homepage which is a html page on my own making giving links to some common and useful sites.
23 March 2011

81/365 Mars Bar – Mmmmm mars bar šŸ™‚ Not had one for years. Still delicious.
22 March 2011

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4 comments on “Daily Photos: Days #81 to #90
  1. ashy says:

    “If in doubt always consult a qualified confectioner” I love that too!

  2. Ingrid says:

    Happy Birthday Rachel M. This is my first visit to your site. Love the calm cheery warm cosy feel of your site and the adorable heartwarming photo of Flyman looking very kissable indeed. I’ve put your RSS feed into my newsreader and look forward to following your interesting blog. Best wishes. I.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Dear Rachel, Sorry for the typo. I’m overtired and didn’t get to preview comment before posting. I guess I had Rachel M on my mind while I was starting to say to you Many happy returns and belated wishes for your birthday, noted in the adorable photo of Flyman. Bye for now. Off to rest.

    • Rachel M says:

      We often mistaken as one person. šŸ˜€ We are good friends and communicate online often, so it’s understandable people with ME/CFS brain fog get confused. RachelCreative (and Flyman) was wishing Rachel M happy birthday with the photo. So, thank you for wishing me happy birthday.

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