Daily Photos: Days #91 to #100

100/365 medication 100 99/365 veg beginnings 99
98/365 visit from gardening angel 98 97/365 steamy courgette 97

96/366 the killing hands 96 95/365 drug times 95

94/365 upping tramadol 94 93/365 mothers day 93

92/365 new niece maud 92 91/365 straw for tea 91

100/365 Medication – The number 100 for my worth day of daily photos made from boxes and tubes of my medicine I had to hand. Aimitriptyline, sumatriptan (Imigran), tramadol (Zydol), ibuprofen gel 10%, emollient cream (Diprobase). All prescription items apart from the Diprobase.
10 April 2011

99/365 Veg Beginnings – My husband helped put compost in my veg containers and I planted most of my seeds. A couple of potato planters (orange) and an old compost bag for potato planter too. Two large green bag containers which will be carrots and beetroot.  The red box is covered for the moment but will become cucumber and summer squash soon enough.  Just out of shot two large pots which will be for courgettes and then more large pots for tomatos and aubergines indoors. I have to find somewhere to plant my remaining 3 seed potatoes – perhaps a carboard box if I can’t find anything else. And I need to tend to my herb box too.
9 April 2011

98/365 Visit from Gardening Angel – My lovely neighbour came round this afternoon and did some weeding for me and then put some slate chips on the beds she weeded. And she cleared lots of weeds and moss off the patio. She also bought me two pots of flowers so I’d have something pretty to look at when I sit in the garden. What an angel.
8 April 2011

97/365 Steamy courgette – One of my courgette seedlings coming along nicely
7 April 2011

96/366 The Killing Hands – The Killing Hands by P.D. Martin. Sat in garden in spring sunshine with Flyman.
6 April 2011

95/365 Drug Times – The Tramadol combined with the Solpadol is making me really drowsy and a bit forgetful and though I had worked out a written schedule I was getting a bit lost as to what I had taken.  So I wrote on the blisters in permanent marker pen so I could keep track.
5 April 2011

94/365 Upping Tramadol – Another prescription for Solpadol (Co-codamol 30/500) and Tramadol but now Tramadol 4 times a day.  Finally this has got my pain under control but the down side it’s making me very drowsy.
4 April 2011

93/365 Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day. My mum visited along with my eldest brother and his girlfriend who announced their engagement!
3 April 2013

92/365 New Niece Maud – My 5 day old niece Maud being held by my husband. First grandchild for my mum and dad (and for my sister-in-law’s parents too). Excuse the bias but she’s absolutely beautiful. I am one smitten Aunt.
2 April 2011

91/365 Straw for Tea – As my back is so bad at the moment I need to make sure I’m not sitting for too long but my ME/CFS means it’s hard to stand or walk around very much (even if the sciatica wasn’t agony) so lying down is the next best option for taking the strain off for regular intervals.  With a straw I can still enjoy a cup of fennel tea while I relax (just remember not to suck when it’s too hot!).
1 April 2011
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2 comments on “Daily Photos: Days #91 to #100
  1. That is a lot of tramadol. What do you use as a break through drug – do you have tramacet, while you can’t take many due to the paracetimal (sic) it does do the trick quick. The drowsy really sucks. I use a time release 24 hour one which I take before I go to sleep (30 minutes to take effect) to try and limit the drowsy. I don’t know if the 24 hour would work for you but I read about that trick on taking them before sleeping, then being more wakeful as it runs out (and using a breakthrough like tramacet then) from another chronic illness blogger. Also, I do know that medicinal marijuana misters (mouth sprays) are available in the UK, they don’t taste great (I have some water a bit after) but they do help relax muscles that are tensed, locking or getting the ‘quivers’. And it doesn’t get you high, though I know many arthritis users who use the oil for cookies, brownies and have the last two hours of the evening watching TV all relaxed and wee high. Helps going to bed pain free. Thanks for showing the whole story in photos. I want a pain free life for you but also the best functioning one that is possible. I hope I am not too nosy, I just wanted to let you know what worked for me and others. Love Beth

    • Thank you Beth. I am very fortunate that day to day most of my pain is controlled with low dose amitriptyline. But because I injured my back it was really very bad. Worse than I’d ever had before. So the tramadol was needed but it did get it under control. I’ll be wary about taking tramadol again as I found it hard to come off. I felt really dreadful, crawling skin and sweats and everything. So an alternative would be good. But I’m not dealing with the kind of pain you have to endure. Thanks so much for sharing. I am sure it will be helpful for other people who read it.

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