Daily Photos: Days #101 to #110

110/365 the killing hands in garden 110 109/365 raspberries and canned peaches 109

108/365 first beetroot seedling 108 107/365 garden session 107

106/365 proof I went outside 106 105/365 preview< 105

104/365 note 104 103/365 easter garland 103

102/365 red kettle 102 101/365 hot water bottle 101

110/365 The Killing Hands in Garden – Reading a chapter of The Killing Hands by P.D. Martin in the sunshine in the garden.
20 April 2011

109/365 Raspberries and Canned Peaches – So glad to see the warm weather and sunshine not least because I’m happy to eat lots of fruit again. Great news for my waistline! A super treat of some fresh raspberries too.
19 April 2011

108/365 First Beetroot Seedling – Discovered my very first tiny beetroot seedling 🙂
18 April 2011

107/365 Garden Session – Lovely practical session in the garden working on my veg growing with husband doing all the active bits while I directed him from a chair. Cat looking on as he waters my containers. On the table is my courgette waiting to be transferred to it’s final pot, cardboard tubes ready for cucumber seeds. Also my drinks and you can just see the handle of my grabber.
17 April 2011

106/365 Proof I Went Outside – Sky. A little proof that I actually went out. Visited my dad and his partner, then my mom. Had a lovely afternoon.
16 April 2011

105/365 Preview – Preview of my new waterproof jacket which I bought for my brother’s wedding in June which will be on a beach in Western Sctoland, whatever the weather 🙂  So I’m going prepared! To look nice but to brave the elements.
15 April 2011

104/365 Note – Wrote some notes for my brother about our plan for transport & accommodation for my other brother’s wedding in Scotland this summer.
14 April 2011

103/365 Easter Garland – One of my neighbour’s kids brought this easter garland around for us now hanging on our mantlepiece. Lovely stuff 🙂
13 April 2011

102/365 Red Kettle – Our new shiny red electric kettle. Love this colour. Feels ever so posh to have a coloured kettle! And I like in this picture how you can just see my reflection taking the photo. I may have to polish it everday 😉
12 April 2011

101/365 Hot Water Bottle – My hot water bottle saved me this day when my sciatic flare became even more flared and my super quantity of painkillers weren’t working.  I managed to get a little relief using a hot water bottle – tricking the mind into sensing heat instead of pain. But the next morning it had to go because the rubber is perished on it and I’m worried it will burst 😦 Farewell faithful hot water bottle.
11 April 2011s

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