Daily Photos: Days #111 to #120

120/365 hosepipe 120 119/365 royal wedding on tv 119

118/365 sudbury hall 118 117/365 the psychopath test 117

116/365 window ledge nursery116 115/365 earthing up 115

114/365 hot water bottle 114 113/365 postal vote ballots 113

112/365 courgette (a) 112 111/365 utterly me 111

120/365 Hosepipe – Hosepipe! An unexpected and very welcome gift from Ashy. Now I can water my veg plants myself.
30 April 2011

119/365 Royal Wedding on TV – Extra bank holiday and of course I watched the Royal wedding between Prince William and Katherine on the tv.
29 April 2011
118/365 Sudbury Hall – Went to the dentist in the morning and then we stopped at Sudbury Hall for lunch and a walk on the way home. Our first trip here and it was really lovely with a fantastic lunch!
28 April 2011
117/365 The Psychopath Test – The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. A proof copy of the book before it’s release in hardback which I got through Amazon Vine.
27 April 2011
116/365 Window Ledge Nursery – My window ledge nursery in full operation though my courgette plants have already moved on to their final pots outside.
There’s cucumbers (Esmarald), summer squash (Delikates), sunflowers (Little Leo) and Moneymaker tomatoes germinating/seedlings.  Then heritage Aisla Craig tomato plants and french dwarf marigolds.
26 April 2011
115/365 Earthing Up – A proud day earthing up my first potato planter. Well my husband did the physical stuff and I supervised/directed. That’s his hand and my shadow taking the picture.
Taken with Samsung Tocco Lite S5230 mobile phone camera.
25 April 2011
114/365 Hot Water Bottle – My new hot water bottle a great comfort this day when I had aches, discomfort and bad withdrawal symptoms when I stopped my pain meds suddenly.
24 April 2011

113/365 Postal Vote Ballots – Our postal vote ballot papers in their envelopes ready to be sent. For local elections and the voting system referendum. Pic a bit blurry sorry.
Taken with Samsung Tocco Lite S5230 mobile phone camera.
23 April 2011

112/365 Courgette (a) – My first courgette (a) with new leaves and doing well. I’ve also added a plastic glass with holes punched in which I’ve buried two thirds in the pot so I can water more directly to the roots and avoid any danger of rotting the bottom of the plant by getting the soil around it too wet. It’s my first time growing anything like this so trying my best to succeed!
22 April 2011
111/365 Utterly Me – Utterly Me, Clarice Bean by Lauren Child. The first book in the children’s Clarice Bean series. I loved the 3rd book so thought I’d try the first two books. Got this through a book swap on readitswapit.
21 April 2011
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