Daily Photos: Days #121 to #130

130/365 maud 130 129/365 veg containers 129

128/365 tum tum salts 128 127/365 hawthorn blossom 127

126/365 got maud to sleep for a while 126 125/365 a greyhound of a girl125

124/365 nurses waiting area 124 123/365 mini eggs 123

122/365 wrapping plants for the cold night 122 121/365 danny champion of the world 121

130/365 Maud – Auntie Rachel sitting with baby Maud and we had a little fun. She’s not focusing at this point but she’s transfixed by shapes, light and shade. She’s nearly 6 weeks old here.
10 May 2011

129/365 Veg Containers – An update on my veg growing containers all coming along nicely. Courgettes and potatoes doing really well, beetroots looking promising, carrots pretty good, summer squash bringing up the rear and cucumber struggling to get establised.
9 May 2011

128/365 Tum Tum Salts – Home made tummy salts fizzing on my bedside table as I get ready to sleep.
8 May 2011

127/365 Hawthorn Blossom – Overnight all the hawthorn blossom had started to fall from the hedges (somewhat overgrown in places) and it’s very pretty but gets everywhere!
7 May 2011

126/365 Got Maud to Sleep for a While – On duty sitting with my baby niece Maud giving her folks a chance to catch up on jobs. My very proud achievement of managing to get her to sleep! Just over 5 weeks old here.
6 May 2011

125/365 A Greyhound of a Girl – Greyhound of a Girl by Roddy Doyle. preview copy for review through Amazon Vine.
5 May 2011

124/365 Nurses Waiting Area – The waiting area at my doctor’s for the nurses and the pink chairs are for the baby clinic. Early in the day and not very busy yet. Waiting to get my ECG done.
4 May 2011

123/365 Mini Eggs – Mini eggs left from Easter served to me by Mr Creative in an egg cup because I only wanted a few 🙂
3 May 2011

122/365 Wrapping Plants for the Cold Night – Wrapping containers and veg plants with fleece to protect from early May frost. Don’t know if I’m doing it right though! They all survived ok though.
2 May 2011

121/365 Danny Champion of the World – Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl.
1 May 2011

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One comment on “Daily Photos: Days #121 to #130
  1. Fatima says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I’ve just spent an hour looking at your blog and website. LOvE your work. I first saw your name when I was looking for a blue ribbon a couple of months ago. I too am an ME/CFS sufferer. I’ve been blogging about it for 6 months now and that, I suppose, is my ‘release mechanism’. Keep up the great work- I imagine it’s what keeps you sane and happy!
    Fatima in Montreal (Qc), Canada

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