Daily Photos: Days #131 to #140

140/365 new hot water bottle 140 139/365 magical maud 139

138/365 amitriptyline 30mg 138 137/365 blood test 137

136/365 smoke alarm 136 135/365 new drainpipe for bathroom 135

134/365 fa cup final 134 133/365 tomato plants 133

132/365 samuel johnson appointment 132 131/365 choc birthday cake 131

140/365 New Hot Water Bottle – Another new hot water bottle this time rubber free. Very useful for my bad tummy/guts on this day.
20 May 2011

139/365 Magical Maud – My niece Maud on her playmat. Not quite focusing yet but such a sweetheart.
19 May 2011

138/365 Amitriptyline 30mg – My daily amitriptyline dose of three 10mg tablets.
18 May 2011

137/365 Blood Test – Went to the GP for POTS testing (negative) and she took bloods while I was there (my little tiny plaster on my arm). My blood pressure was bad for my age especially when standing – it just kept climbing. Next step is 24 hour bloon pressure monitor in 4 weeks time.
17 May 2011

136/365 Smoke Alarm -Staffordshire Fire Service came and did a free fire check and fitted two brand new posh smoke alarms as ours were over 10 years old. These smoke alarms have a ten year battery and if they go off you press the big button in the middle to mute it for 15 minutes. Press the same button to test it. Smaller and funkier than our old ones.
16 May 2011

135/365 New Drainpipe for Bathroom – Very excited my eldest brother came and fitted us a new drainpipe from our bathroom – no more leaking outside!
15 May 2011

134/365 FA Cup Final – Watching the (disappointing) FA Cup Final at my dad’s after a lovely homemade lunch.
14 May 2011

133/365 Tomato Plants – My tomato plants starting to bud into flower
13 May 2033

132/365 Samuel Johnson Appointment – Appointment at Samuel Johnson Community Hospital Lichfield with Specialist Physio for my back
12 May 2011

131/365 Choc Birthday Cake – Made a chocolate cake for Mr Creative’s birthday. New recipe, really moist and even better with cherry and vanilla ice cream!
11 May 2011

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Rachel Groves, Artist
Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK



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