Daily Photos: Days #141 to #150

150/365 the set up 150 149/365 rhubarb crumble and custard 149

148/365 mikki and jean-marc 148 147/365 moss 147

146/365 imigran 146 145/365 maud 145

144/365 haircut 144 143/365 bath 143

142/365 windy day 142 141/365 courgette a 141

150/365 The Set Up – The Set Up by Felix Riley via Amazon Vine.
30 May 2011

149/365 Rhubarb Crumble and Custard – Rhubarb crumble and soy custard with homegrown rhubarb courtesy of my friends Mikki and Dray.
29 May 2011

148/365 Mikki and Jean-Marc – Visited my mate Mikki and her little boy Jean-Marc who (6 weeks old) and her husband. Lovely to see them so relaxed and happy.
28 May 2011

147/365 Moss– Moss. Kind of feel like a weighty old stone with moss growing on my sometimes thanks to ME/CFS. Taken with Nikon D40 and +4 close up filter.
27 May 2011

146/365 Imigran – Terrible photo but the day was full of migraine and sumatraiptan (imigran). My pharmacy used to give me a generic brand which was much better, worked faster it seemed to me.
26 May 2011

145/365 Maud – My niece Maud whilst I was on Auntie duty and tasked with trying to get her to nap. I managed 20 minutes, then my brother got her off for another 20 minutes. But she was on day 2 of a changed routine so I’m proud of that.
25 May 2011

144/365 Haircut – Haircut today and back to sassy for a day or two at least đŸ™‚
24 May 2011

143/365 Bath – Bath night.
23 May 2011

142/365 Windy day – Very windy.
22 May 2011

141/365 Courgette A – Courgette (a) is starting to form flowers/fruit!
21 May 2011

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Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK



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