Daily Photos: Days #161 to #170

170/365 what a view 170 169/365 to scotland 169

168/365 packing list 168 167/365 shortening trousers 167

166/365 24hr blood pressure monitor 166 165/365 tending my plants 165

164/365 maud 164 163/365 self 163

162/365 elastic velcro back support 162 161/365 homecoming 161

170/365 What A View – A rest day after travelling the day before but the sun came out (shame we were stuck indoors most of the day) but fab view from our holiday rental place looking across the sea from Mallaig to Skye, Eigg and Rum.
19 June 2011

169/365 To Scotland – We arrive in Scotland in the rain and cloud but it’s still a beautiful country.
18 June 2011

168/365 Packing List – Disappointingly fuzzy daily photo on my mobile phone but hey ho I was pretty busy.  My packing list for our trip to Scotland and my eldest brother’s wedding.
17 June 2011

167/365 Shortening Trousers – Shortening a pair of trousers so I stop dragging my hems around the floor and tripping!  Marks and Spencer do my waist size but don’t do this style in any shorter lengths so needs must. Love this fusable iron on hemming tape.
16 June 2011

166/365 24hr Blood Pressure Monitor – 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor
15 June 2011

165/365 Tending My Plants – Tending to my plants. Two of my male flowers on this courgette are joined at the stem.
14 June 2011

164/365 Maud – Maud asleep for half an hour but pretty grizzly the rest of the time. still a delightful afternoon for me though 🙂
13 June 2011

163/365 Self – Self. Waiting in car on a cold rainy day while Mr Creative calls into the supermarket.
12 June 2011

162/365 Elastic Velcro Back Support – Bought a back support/brace. This one is soft on the outside as instead of traditional velcro it has elastic loops. Pretty supportive but the stays are not curved enough for my back so my spine has some movement. Wearing it properly will be the true test.
11 June 2011

161/365 Homecoming – Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt. Pretty sure I had read this as a kid but I’m not remembering it now I’m reading it.
10 June 2011

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2 comments on “Daily Photos: Days #161 to #170
  1. mikki says:

    Love the mountain pic! Jolly nice place that Scotland…. especially outside of midge season!

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