Update on 10k Wheelchair Push/Walk

An update – I got my picture in a local news blog about the 10k wheelchair push/walk I’m doing this Sunday with the help of nine friends and family in aid of ME Research.


Rachel Groves

 The article explains more about the walk and why it’s an important cause to me.  For me research into this illness is the key to treatments, diagnostic testing and hopefully even a cure.

So far I’ve raised £526 (plus about another £75 in gift aid with some more donations to come) which has far exceeded what I’d hoped for http://www.justgiving.com/push-it

People have been so kind, generous and supportive. It’s spurring me on to tackle my first 10k with a smile on my face even though I can’t do it on my own two feet! Plus although it will be a challenge for me it’s my team who have to do most of the hard work.

Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather, or at least dry weather for Sunday!

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4 comments on “Update on 10k Wheelchair Push/Walk
  1. serena says:

    When is it! September 9th or 11th? This site and above blog say different! Good luck regardless………….

  2. I hope the 10K went well, great job in promoting awareness as well as raising money for ME. Great job, and I hope the weather was good. Next week is the Terry Fox, and I am not as organized as you but I really want to, having missed a year. Push on is a good theme. A great picture of you also!

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