Push It 10k – We Did It!


We did it! I was pushed for 10k in my wheelchair by friends and family who walked part (or in my husband’s case all) of the 10k with me. We raised £701 (plus £105 giftaid) for ME Research UK.

It was a fantastic day and everyone was brilliant. Lots of chatting, lots of smiles, quite a bit of rain!

View Lichfield 10k Push it in a larger map

My husband Paul and friend Phil walked and pushed for the first 5k which we did in about 1hr 15mins. The we started laps of Stowe Pool and I’d say half a dozen or so walked each lap with me.

My neighbour Nick pushed me for the 1st lap in under 15 minutes he was going so fast! My dad’s partner Isobel pushed for the 2nd lap a short stretch shared between her, my dad and my neighbour Hazel taking a handle each of my wheelchair (ending in hitting the grass verge of course).

The 3rd lap my sister-in-law Kate pushed and the rain had gone.The 4th lap my big brother Simon pushed with a little help for a short stretch from my a couple of my neighbours kid’s – we had a conga line of kid A pushing kid B pushing Simon pushing me.

Paul walked the whole 10k. Phil walked the 5k plus a little of the last lap and covered a lot more ground taking photos which I was very grateful for. And my dad, Isobel, Simon, Kate (and Maud my baby neice in her pushchair), my mum, Hazel, Nick and 3 of their lovely kids all walked at least 2 laps each.

Everyone was chatting as we went round and it was a great atmosphere and a lovely group of people. We had a sharp rain shower at the very start, then sun. Then as the laps started for it poured down with rain and was very windy, but it dried up and everyone stayed the distance. We’ve raised £701 for ME Research (plus they’ll get another £105 in giftaid).

I was rather tired after we finished and had scheduled an easy week to recover. It was a great day and everyone seemed to enjoy it despite the wind and the rain. I’m so grateful to everyone who walked, pushed, sent messages of support and donated. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.



  1. Proud and pleased to have been part of such a brilliant effort. Count me in for whatever’s next!

  2. Dear Rachel. congratulations. How lucky you are to have such a great bunch of friends and relatives (Paul being the icing on your cake, or maybe he is the cherry or all those raisins – pick your treat). I cannot tell you how much I’d like to help your cause. At the moment I can’t financially; and physically I am just that little bit too far away.

    What a great smile and spirit you have.


    PS I take it Flyman stayed behind to keep the mice population under control and the home fires going whilst you were slogging it out

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