Daily Photos: Days #211 to #220

220/365 push it hat 220 219/365 where i should have been 219

218/365 summer at willow lake 218 217/365 maud 217

216/365 push it for me 216 215/365 shredding privet hedge215

214/365 orpheus rising and hunted 214 213/365 health centre waiting 213

212/365 5th anniversary 212 211/365 shredding 211

220/365 Push It Hat – Made a hat with donation information on it for 10k Push It challenge www.justgiving.com/push-it
8 August 2011

219/365 Where I Should Have Been – I should have been at a friend’s wedding but was too ill. Thanks M.E.
7 August 2011

218/365 Summer at Willow Lake – Summer at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs
6 August 2011

217/365 Maud – Bought Maud a new toy which is apparently good for chewing. Big thumbs up.
5 August 2011

216/365 Push It for ME – Working on the web site and promoting my 10k wheelchair walk on 11 Sep 2011 to raise money for ME Research. My friends and family will be pushing my wheelchair over a 10km route around Lichfield and walking some or all the way with me. There’s no way I could cover even a fraction of the distanceunder my own steam due to my illness and so this is a great way to raise some much needed funds for biomedical research.
4 August 2011

215/365 Shredding Privet Hedge – A bit more chopping and shredding with my husband doing most of the work it must be said.  But made quite a dent on the hedge at the front. Now mulching the border for weed control.
3 August 2011

214/365 Orpheus Rising and Hunted – Orpheus Rising by Colin Bateman (brilliant) and Hunted by Emlyn Rees (awful).
2 August 2011

213/365 Health Centre Waiting – Waiting for a blood test at my doctors. This is the nurses corridor.
1 August 2011

212/365 5th Anniversary – Me and Mr Creative on our 5th wedding anniversary.
31 July 2011

211/365 Shredding – A shredding session in the front garden chopping back the unwieldy Buddleia. My husband did all the chopping and the shredding wasn’t too demanding as it was long sections to feed through.
30 July 2011

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