Christmas Makes 2011 – Handmade Stitched Gifts

As Christmas 2011 was on a bit of a budget I made a lot of our gifts. As well as biscuits I stitched some gifts mostly from beautiful patterns I found online.


Crossstitched heart decorations, felt baby shoes for my niece, a festive cross stitch tree, a snowman decoration and a felt decorative Holga.

The snowman and Holga are my own patterns but the rest came from patterns from various web sites and blogs.

Small hearts…

cross stitch coeurs

Baby shoes

Blue work heart

2011 tree

Winter heart

Felt snowman decoration

felt snowman

Holga decoration from my own pattern

felt holga

felt holga


  1. And it was lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you so much! We’re going to have to get a posh tree next year to put it on. The others look very nice too – I’m impressed!

    1. Oh good glad you like it. Phew! I figured it was big enough to hang any old place onto neccessarily on a tree. And I thought the one with the year would be good for you guys and JM’s first Christmas (even if it didn’t quite go as planned).

  2. SUCH lovely work and (as usual) so professionally done. The cross stitch is beautiful. Cant imagine how you had the concentration to do it. Well done….really great x

    1. The first one I did was so hard and there was a lot of mistakes and having to unpick and do over on all of them. But after the first cross stitch pattern I started to find a way to make it work with how my brain works now and just kept plodding along at it. Now I’ve got a virus I can’t imagine doing it! I have one belated gift with jus tthe finishing to do and it’s still sitting waiting for me to be a bit better.

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