Baby Olympic Torch to Celebrate Relay in Our Home Town Lichfield

I made a mini Olympic Torch for my 1yr old niece to celebrate the torch relay passing through Lichfield on 30th June 2012.

The torch is made from stiff cardboard with gold paint (bubble wrap used for the hole effect) with red and orange felt flames.

baby olympic torch

It was great to see the real torch (even if I did feel a little sceptical beforehand) and I’m very glad I made the effort. It was a little bit magical and very different to watching it on the telly or seeing pictures.

Lovely to see such a fantastic turnout and to see Lichfield packed with happy people (and hardly any cars about!).

The local young lady we saw carrying the torch, Molly, is only 14 and has already done loads for charity to help children with terminal illness. Very moving and I hope she and everyone who took part had a very special day.

Olympic Torch Bearer
Olympic Torch Bearer – Photo by CoasterMadMatt via Flickr

As for crafting thanks for the inspiration from Domestic Goddeseque and Vic from Entertaining Monsters

Olympic torch craft
Entertaining Monsters


  1. It seems you had a better occasion than our local one—a group of children from the church I’d be going to if I were currently going to one went on an excited day out to see the torch go past and were disappointed to see it go past in a car! They’d expected to see someone carrying it . . .

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