Whatchya Been Doin?

Many of you will be aware that due to my stupid illness I have limited resources of energy and brain.  My creative outputs have been focused in other directions for a while but always creative and, as I’ll show you soon, never losing that RachelCreative filter to turn life into art (ie. a new painting will follow shortly!)

Meanwhile I’ve rediscovered knitting from my youth and found when applied to patterns knitting is a deep held passion.  Whilst none of this creating has been of my own design but following others wonderful patterns it’s been fun and on the whole relaxing (though Mr Creative says I do swear when doing tricky knitting).



Also I’ve enjoyed much play and fun with my new niece and nephew.  Some crafty projects but mainly just free-styling silliness and fun.

me and maud

knitted beret and scarf[★]frank time tower

uncle and aunty with maud [★]climbing for 2 year olds[★]

toddler maskscape for maud

halloween window - pumpkin[★]halloween window - hands

I’ll follow this up soon with my latest painting and letting you all know I am available for commissioned paintings and drawings.

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One comment on “Whatchya Been Doin?
  1. Amy Edwards says:

    What lovely things, and loads and loads of them!

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