Autumnal Jumble

Just in time for all those autumn reds, oranges and yellows, exciting new colours in my palette. Here’s the first beginnings of a beautiful friendship with better paint. This is mainly Schmincke watercolour and am delighted with the bright colours and intensity.

Art. Curvy hills border the sides and bottom made from green to yellow vertical stripes. Curving around the frame on the hill tops are trees are vibrant yellow and oranges. Behind them is a spiralling sky with lines and dots swirly in blues to purple. Creamy clouds float traced with spiral lines which also trace through to the tree tops.

Autumnal Jumble

#Art #Artist #Paint #Watercolour #Colour #Autumn #Seasonal #Trees #TreeLover #Landscape #Imagination #Escape #Outdoors #Schmincke #SchminckeHoradam

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