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Low – Clusty Cut-Up Poem

Low the latest news. slow tempos and sugar free All that really counts is to be pampered products and support and special occasions perhaps the best value dancers from one convenient place check out luxury that’s low on glitz and

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Abstract Cave (Drawing)

  [IMAGE] A6 ink and watercolour. Abstract based loosley on a painting of a cave wall I did many many years ago and still have a fond spot for.

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Search Adventure Cut Up (Digital)

[IMAGE] Digital Cut-Up A digital cut-up with manipulation – from a search engine adventure. 

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Ele Inspired

  [IMAGE] A6 ink and watercolour Inspired by Ele and her wonderful curvey paintings soaked in glorious colour.

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Absent Mind 22Apr2007 (Sketchbook)

[IMAGE] A6 ink – then digitally enhanced in Photoshop to get a real kick on the contrast. I will set up the scanner, I will set up the scanner, I will set up the scanner …

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Rachel Groves, Artist
Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK