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Push It for ME Research – 11 Sep 2011

I’m asking for your help with Push It for ME Research. Push It is a 10k fundraising wheelchair push/walk for ME Research on Sunday 11 Sep 2011 in Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK. My condition means I can’t run a marathon or

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Creative For A Second or Two – a project for those with ME/CFS/FMS

A new project from Creative for a Second has been announced for people with ME/CFS/FM to participate in.  I’ve added my name to those wishing to participate in what sounds like will be an exciting, global, collaborative project. If you have

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Stay At Home Holiday (Photography)

What I did on my stay at home holiday … in pictures.  Is it a staycation or a stoliday? Friday and the First Weekend Visit to farm shop and cake in garden centre cafe followed by a weekend of relaxing.

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Just Four Quid Means A Lot

I want to tell you about the Just Four Quid (JFQ) campaign and my part in it. Each week the Just Four Quid blog gives tips to save you money (with a pinch of good humour).  You’ll be able to find things to

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My ME Life

My Life With ME/CFS I draw …   I paint …  I wait …   I lost my job …    I found myself …    I keep trying … I ache …  I struggle …      I’m always ill

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Would Be Snowman (Drawing)

The snowman I would have built this week if I had been well enough. Drawn in ink with watercolour. A6 (approx 4″ x 6″).

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Snowman (Drawing) 2008

Snowman. large Drawn in ink on paper, scanned and coloured digitally using Photoshop. This image may be used for non-commercial purposes with a credit and link to me.

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Rachel Groves, Artist
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