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Watermark or Nothing

You’re no-one without a watermark. I couldn’t get to sleep after an online incident so I made this little digital drawing. You carefully place your work online with a description, medium, tags, ownership. Then it gets copied, saved, Pinned, shared,

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FODMAP DayDream – Drawing

My outfit and the foods I’ve been thinking about as I switch to a low FODMAP diet. Not that the it’s well drawn or coloured – a quicky shall we say. Pen on paper, then digitally coloured. 20140317

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Quick Twenty (Drawing)

Quick Twenty. I didn’t quite finish drawing this twenty pound note before I had to pay it to the cleaners so I’m missing some detail and I had to sort of guess at the colouring. Drawn in ink, scanned and

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Twibbons for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Awareness

I’ve made some of my awareness badges for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia into Twibbons. It’s free to use and means you can add a ribbon to your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter so you have your own unique badge of

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Virtually Mary – Web Site Illustrations

I’ve been working with the wonderful Virtually Mary to provide illustrations for her web site and I can now proudly reveal the artwork. Mary wanted something a little different to other Virtual Assistant’s web sites, something that reflected her personality

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Christmas Greeting Commission – Festive Reindeer

I can reveal one of the secret commissioned pieces I’ve been working on this past 6 weeks and give a big dollop of festive cheer. One festive reindeer: A commissioned festive e-greeting for Bryony. Christmas 2009.… In exchange for

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Bed Scene (Drawing)

Bed Scene. Draw in ink on A6 (approx 4″x6″) then scanned and digitally coloured in Photoshop.

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Just Four Quid Means A Lot

I want to tell you about the Just Four Quid (JFQ) campaign and my part in it. Each week the Just Four Quid blog gives tips to save you money (with a pinch of good humour).  You’ll be able to find things to

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When My Disability Is Invisible

A blog post for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2009 “I am still disabled when my disability is invisible” – a digital artwork. Just because my disabilities are not obvious because you can’t see a wheelchair, a cane or stick –

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Lost My W (Drawing)

This week I lost my “w”. Quite literally. It pinged off my laptop keyboard with no hope of ever sitting amongst it’s fellow letters again. large It was possible to tap the circuit board / touchpad thingy that had perviously lay

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