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When My Disability Is Invisible

A blog post for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2009 “I am still disabled when my disability is invisible” – a digital artwork. Just because my disabilities are not obvious because you can’t see a wheelchair, a cane or stick –

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Clumsy Teddy (Drawing)

Clumsy Teddy. Mainly clumsy in the way he was drawn! Drawn ink then scanned and colour added digitally.

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Looking Forward (Drawing)

This was a drawing I did as part of working with Cinder Bridge on the cover for “Everyone Knows About Me”. I’m quite clear what it says.  It seems quite a lot of other people are clear too – but

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Treescape (Doodle)

We went for a drive at the weekend including a drive through Cannock Chase.  Something about the trees always comforts me, sometimes excites me. Here’s a retrospective of tall pines trees from the car window. [IMAGE] A4 indian ink brush

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Search Adventure Cut Up (Digital)

[IMAGE] Digital Cut-Up A digital cut-up with manipulation – from a search engine adventure. 

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Composite Self Portrait (Digital)

composite, originally uploaded by rachelcreative. A composite self portrait. Made up of 5 photographs – one taken in the last week, the other 4 when I was a child.

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Juice Exposure (Digital)

[IMAGE] Digital image Click image to see a larger version in my Flickr album Digitally altered multiple exposure / photographic overlays of subject juice in glass on slatted table in a cubist inspired exploration

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