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Light Tent and Photographing My Small Paintings (Equipment)

Taking photos of my small 20cm x 20cm canvas paintings using a 50cm light tent.  Here my 50cm light tent (photo tent) set up for the first time. Using 2 household lamps with low energy daylight bulbs – nothing special just

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Scanner Comparison – Epson 4490 for Watercolour and Drawings

I had some birthday left over so I put it towards buying a much needed new scanner.  I bought the Epson Photo Perfection 4490 which is designed to scan negatives and slides including 120/220 (such as used in Holga and

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Do Rabbits Have Noses?

I was lying in bed last night trying to get to sleep, slowly drifting off when a loud thought entered my brain … “Do rabbits have noses?”.  It’s a bit late as I’ve done most of the painting on 2

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Learning to Expose (Photography)

[PHOTO] Sunset – Nikon D40 [PHOTO] St Lukes Church with Gate – Nikon D40 I’m learning how to expose my photographs “correctly”.  Finally starting to master the manual setting on my digital SLR.  I’m actually starting to understand the mechanics a

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Duaflex II – Vintage Camera 620

[PHOTO] Duaflex II – taken with Nikon D40 Here is the second of my vintage cameras a Kodak Duaflex II. Freshly cleaned today (instructions further down this blog post).  His only flaw is the top piece of covering has come

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Holga – Start of a New Love (Photography)

Inspired by the photographs of Ashy_Sheela I bought myself a Holga camera. It’s a bit of a cult – or like Ashy_Sheela said to me a geeky club. A Holga is a cheap plastic camera originating from China which traditionally has

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A Positive Moo Moment (Drawing)

[IMAGE] A6. Ink and watercolour. I met my (now ex) colleagues for lunch and although unintentional on my part they passed my Moo cards around.  I invited everyone to take one, thinking they’d look and pass them on.  Then someone

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