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This is my Belomo Vilia Camera

This is my Belomo Vilia with a range finder. I love how this photo taken on a mobile cameraphone looks as low tech as the Vilia feels. I’m very lucky to have a friend who passed this camera and range

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Needing a New Sketchbook Obsession

Oh dear. It appears that Surrey Sketchbooks have been discontinued and I can’t find anyone with any in stock. I’ve been using these sketchbooks for several years and I love them.  I’ve tried other kinds of sketchbooks, different weight and

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This is my Pinhole Camera (Science Museum Kit)

My dad bought me a pinhole camera kit from a car boot sale.  It’s made by Science Museum and is a plastic kit that fits together very simply. You make the pinhole for the exposure using aluminium foil and so

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Ful Vue – Winding On Without Seeing Frame Numbers

I got asked by Kirrilee how may resolutions of the winding knob it takes to wind on each frame using a Ful Vue II camera. The first thing is to check that you’re not missing how to see the film

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About Determination & Attitude – For Beth

For Beth A (sort of) photo essay taken yesterday about determination in the face of illness and debilitation.   A stack of my sketchbooks – all used.  These are my A6 sketchbooks from the last 18 months.  I have one

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My Friday in Birmingham

Paul took me into Birmingham (UK) on Friday and we attended the Social Media Cafe.  I don’t have any photos from there.  But I did take some later. We had lunch at the Handmade Burger Company and it was absolutely

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This is my Fuji Instax 200 Camera

This is my Fuji Instax 200 camera. I always wanted an instant camera when I was a kid.  There’s something magical about seeing that photo develop in front of your eyes. I wanted a polaroid but the news that polaroid

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