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Light Tent and Photographing My Small Paintings (Equipment)

Taking photos of my small 20cm x 20cm canvas paintings using a 50cm light tent.  Here my 50cm light tent (photo tent) set up for the first time. Using 2 household lamps with low energy daylight bulbs – nothing special just

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Polar Bear – Initial Stages (Painting)

Continuining to develop style and technique to bring my drawings to canvas this is my next painting. It’s a version of my (very popular) drawing My First Polar Bear. This is the deep edge 8″x8″ (20cm x 20xm) canvas on

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Man One – An Experiment (Painting)

An experiment. I wanted to see if my drawing style could translate to canvas and “proper” paintings. So I did a quick drawing of a man and painted him using acrylics and glazes. I am really happy with how it

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Transparency Doodles (Drawings)

Three doodles here on three pieces of tracing paper. The largest is around A6 size (approx 4″ x 6″). The transparency of the paper doesn’t come across in the scan here.  The ink flow from my PITT pen onto the

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Streaked Wing Mirror (Photograph)

[PHOTO] Streaked Wing Mirror – Nikon D40 On the cliffs at Seaham, County Durham, preparing to go a walk by the seaside whatever the weather! The rain eased but didn’t stop so we went for a walk anyway. [PHOTO] Map

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Sorting Out

I’ve made a long “shortlist” of drawings that I could include in my drawings book.  I’ve made a start re-scanning the drawings in high resolution especially for the book. I’ve also figured out how to get the images almost (almost)

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First Film from No 2 Box Brownie (Photography)

Here’s the first roll of film through my No 2 Box Brownie. I got this camera from ebay where it was included in a job lot with a couple of others. I used a 400asa Fuji Neopan (C41) black and

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Book – 366 Days of Me and M.E.

See the full year of photographic self portraits compiled in this book. 366 Days of Me and M.E. shows my daily photographic self portraits through one year of chronic illness from 4 May 2007 – 3 May 2008.  The book

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Looking Forward (Drawing)

This was a drawing I did as part of working with Cinder Bridge on the cover for “Everyone Knows About Me”. I’m quite clear what it says.  It seems quite a lot of other people are clear too – but

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Untitled from 1992 (Painting)

An old painting from 1992. Acrylic, pastel and ink on cardboard. 15″ wide x 11.5″ high. See this painting large (790kb) [IMAGE] Untitled 1992 – Acrylic, pastel and ink on cardboard. 15″x11.5″ I tried to finish a painting this week

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