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Spiral Wire Figure (Sculpture)

Sculpture wall hanging figure.  This is made from recycled coated black wire from spiral bound notebooks. I just couldn’t resist doing something with all that beautiful black wiggly wire. Soon I had this (sort of) legless figure that lent itself

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Throwaway Sculpture – A Question

So I have this idea for a piece of sculpture which I’ve been formulating for a while now. The piece would be large – too large for me to store or to display in my home.  At least 2 foot

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Sculpture from 2006

Inspired and confident from all your kind support I’d thought it might be fun to share some old work with you. Starting with my first pieces of sculpture.  Both from 2006. Figure without smile This was my first piece of sculpture. 

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Rachel Groves, Artist
Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK