emu 200905 imps motorcycle display team pyramid wilbur straight on  remastered by doodle - the mona lisa so slow sloth (norris)  zebra pop up panda card - front

The majority of my paid work is commissioned. The subject is chosen by the customer working closely with me to create an artwork just for them. If you’d like your favourite animal, bird, insect, a group of friends or family, a portrait of a pet, person or creature rendered in my style, ask me about creating an artwork for you.

Contact me with an idea, we can discuss the subject and the cost. I will work on some ideas and provide a digital sketch – forwarding copies of each draft and making as many changes as you require before starting the painting for real.  This process can take from a few weeks to a few months depending on the size of the finished piece, complexity of the image and the number of changes required.  If you need a fast turnaround let me know and I’ll always do my best to meet your needs.

I also produce commissioned drawings (ink & watercolour like those on my blog) to frame and pop up cards.

Personal Montage
Making a great gift my montage pieces feature a collection of things to represent a person, couple, group of friends or family, company, event or special occasion. You can have six or 60-plus items represented, with or without text, making a personal keepsake to frame.  Great gift for a wedding, special birthday or anniversary, good luck or housewarming gift, or as an alternative to a family picture. See examples at bottom of page for inspiration.

Illustration / Web Graphics
For illustration work I work closely with the client providing sketches and finalising the work in high resolution digital form. I’m not a designer but I can supply custom artwork for your web site and media projects.

Licensing Existing Artwork
Most of my portfolio is available to licence for commercial use.  Contact me about any specific images you’re interested in, or I can create something especially for you.

Typical Cost
Prices for canvas paintings (2014)  typically £85-250 depending on canvas size.
Personal montages (2014) from £40 depending on your requirements.
A typical fee for illustration work (2014) is £25-75 per artwork depending on requirements.

Contact Me
Email me or find me on Twitter @rachelcreative

Commissioned & Custom Art Work
affinity puffins - 1affinity puffins - 2bonnie and bess 04zebra emucosy giraffe - pop  the aardvark 01aardvark kincowbag valentine - inside detail  wilbur facing right festive reindeer - christmas greeting commission for bryony go go giraffe so slow sloth (norris)tortie lovestruckmiscou gets comfortablelooking forwardin a box again

Examples of Personal Montage
Some examples of montages created for a special birthday and for fun to give you an idea of what I could create for a special person, couple or occasion.

Paul’s 40th Birthday To Do List see large

20080512 paul 40 bday
A To Do List see large

Meme Montage see large


Ambitions 2007


Rachel Groves, Artist
Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK



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