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Art. A cheery snowman front and right has branches for arms raised as if in a wave. Small snow filled hills roll across the landscape. In the background a little church sits on top of a hill near a pine tree covered in snow. Little footprints track across one hill. The sky is radiating stripes of purples and turquoise with clouds made from spirals. Art. Two tall mugs with their handles facing out to to each side look at each other with a smile and little flushed cheeks. Art. A collection of objects in colour against a crisscross blue green background. Objects are an old style mobile phone, bottle of orange pop or lucozade, floppy disc, glass bottle of medicine, original gameboy, analogue TV aerial, USB memory stick. Leather strap wrist watch, fountain pen, woolly bobble hat and mittens with a string connecting them. Hot water bottle, 35mm film, portable television with circle aerial and gas hob kettle. Art. Two large globes of grass, one with a lake and 3 smaller globes of grass. All with trees in blank white silhouette. Behind them a dark purple sky with small blue gray clouds. Art. A mushroom with bright red top and white splashes on a creamy stalk. Behind it crisscross lines of lush green grass. Art. A person head and shoulder has a wry smile and a beret on their head in revolving stripes of reds and purples. Behind them rays of golden light radiate outwards.  Art. Top and sides have arcs of purple spiralling sky with trees contrasting in yellow, oranges and reds of autumn foliage. The spirals of their skies overlay through the tree canopies. In the centre to the top a chunk of blue sky with large creamy clouds.  Art. Curvy hills border the sides and bottom made from green to yellow vertical stripes. Curving around the frame on the hill tops are trees are vibrant yellow and oranges. Behind them is a spiralling sky with lines and dots swirly in blues to purple. Creamy clouds float traced with spiral lines which also trace through to the tree tops. Art. Swirling domes of water frame the outside edges with white arcs of lines and dots. containing bright green trees. Behind the trees a muted blue sky with arches of gold. Art. Wedges of green land with parallel lines rise up from the bottom and sides. There are bushy green trees with the trace of the concentric lines which make up the sky. The sky is in tones of blue and purple being framed by large creamy bubble clouds that intersect.  Art. Paper sculpture pop up. Close up of the post box. A post box on a pole leans to one side with grass and dandelions growing around it. There is a swirl across the back with envelopes tumbling across.  Art. Close up detail of symbol for walkers, two figures mid stride with stick in hand and pack on back, in white relief, outlined by many small leaves in varying greens. Art. In the centre is blue sky marked by concentric circles made from lines and dots. Small fluffy clouds circle around the sky. Surrounded on all sides by disc like hills of lush greens with circular grooves of lines and dots, some topped with deep purple skyline silhouettes.                            backstroke - drawing felt holga christmas card range 2011 quick twenty card for baby maud card for baby maud 03   valentine red hearts 03 valentine rainbow hearts 03 emu zebra snow groves simon 40 pop up 01 cosy giraffe pop up card bonnie and bess christmas cards my 2010 range the aardvark 01       kittys fav things 04 blossom picnic 1 Spin ME 02 Tangled ME 03 think i have an idea  almost unstoppable paul birthday popup 2 paul birthday popup 3 paul birthday popup paul birthday popup - front 2 20100512 looking in looking out 20100512 me outside in not tellingjust vote  pinball me kitty will be waiting for you - pop up  pyjamas20100204 kitty washing line - detail decorator kitty - inside detail snow kitty - inside detail 2 aardvark kincowbag valentine - inside detail aardvark kincowbag valentine - front  flowerman - inside flowerman - front allhearts - insidevalentine hearts - inside 2 20100127 twins pop up - front go go giraffe wilbur straight on adventure kitty is balanced (pop up drawing)  thank you from rachelcreative merry xmas 2009 festive reindeer - christmas greeting commission for bryony  snowball fight pop up - front a  graveyard popup - detail view pop up panda card - inside close uppop up panda card - front ponder man you want me rockpool - pop up drawing front rockpool - pop up drawing from side 20091016 kitty sleeps / with gift pop up 3 penguin pop-up xmas card pf03 penguin pop-up card PF05 c   xmas card - christmas bear xmas card - penguin flippers xmas card - christmas catxmas card - christmas tree cat  xmas hand drawn cards - examples of card designs fairytale castle tower - pop up affinity puffins - 1 affinity puffins - 2 dragonfly pop-up card - detail good luck teacher - pop up card new home - pop up card  night flying - detail so slow sloth (norris) 200906 human pillow for cat 20090611 letter extracts page 3 20090611 letter extracts page 2   200903_aceo look north penguin 200903_aceo pengying and pengyang faster than a speeding mullett  20090401 many many pills tortie lovestruck remastered: the persistence of memory by dali would be snowman remastered by doodle - van gogh self potrait 1889 20090114 absent mind remastered mona lisa lost my w neigh lad unicorn rotund reindeer snowman found my landlord in my garden panda days - straight on how do we get up there?              big fat penguin of determination - painting by rachelcreativehorse with no name - painting by rachelcreative rex robot - painting by rachelcreative owen inspired horse - drawing by rachelcreative two claws and paws - painting by rachelcreative   ghostly - drawing by rachelcreative hair needs taming - drawing by rachelcreative marshmallow on skewer catface - drawing by rachelcreative many faces - drawing by rachelcreative absent mind (giraffe pattern) - drawing by rachelcreative looking forward - drawing by rachelcreativein a box again - drawing by rachelcreative in a box - drawing by rachelcreative untitled from 1992 - painting by rachelcreative this way to blank - drawing by rachelcreative fine in my own world - drawing by rachelcreative genre missing painting - drawing by rachelcreative juggling many things - drawing by rachelcreative huh - drawing by rachelcreative                 20dec2007_strung_up   19dec2007_from_above 16dec2007_merry_humbug 08dec2007_all_wrapped_up08dec2007_festive_antlers  05dec2007_no_no_no 04dec2007_justmydrugs  24nov2007_festive_survival 20nov2007_wrapped_up 6nov2007_splitcam 4nov2007_tea_mp3_and_frangipane  1nov2007_a_positive_moo_moment 1nov2007_response_to_anonymous 30oct2007_new_look       15aug2007_what  11aug2007_income_streaming  11aug2007_danae Staple Mouth 7aug2007_inatwist 6aug2007_oceans_glasses  1aug2007_walrus_with_tonsils 2007_first_wedding_anniversary  Familiar Bear  20jul2007_medications  23jul2007_ambitions My First Polar Bear 19jul2007_one_day         to do  Like Father Avec Stylo Sandy Wheels  Grrr Mr Cat  Fiver Broken Scarf Absent Creatures    I Give To You Sheep Top  Half and Half Scanner At Last    Blogging Against Disabilism   Art. Portrait of person with long hair and eyes but no other features. Underneath it says VACANT.  old house painting Accident Injury Lanzarote Swimming Teeny Tiny Ironing Pile Fluffy Crazy Hair Old - Family        Heavy