FODMAP DayDream – Drawing

My outfit and the foods I’ve been thinking about as I switch to a low FODMAP diet. Not that the it’s well drawn or coloured – a quicky shall we say.

Pen on paper, then digitally coloured. 20140317

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Nearly Mini – Drawing

It’s nearly a Mini. But not quite.

Pen on paper. Scrap paper – which is why you can just see some print showing through.  Doodle or drawing?

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Write A Letter, Make A Drawing

I’ve been going through a rough patch health wise which has seriously restricted my activities.  It had been weeks since I saw my young niece and nephew – despite them living in the same town. So I wrote them a letter to tell them I was missing them and let them know what I’d been up to.  Not a lot!  As my nephew is 9 months old and my niece is just under 3 years old I added some drawings to illustrate the letter so they could “read” that part themselves.

Here are the drawings.

And just for fun – a drawing I put in my friend’s letter of Sherlock Series 2 cliffhanger standing on that roof.

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We Bee Family – Painting

In the summer I was commissioned to paint a family portrait as a 40th birthday present.  Commissioned as a gift for his wife, I worked with the client to create a portrait that captured the family including characteristic outfits for each of them.

I know the family very well so that helped to capture them, but I also used source photos to get the details right.  I was also able to make some late changes as the painting developed – for instance to change the baby’s sleep suit to one that had become a family favourite.  As ever, I worked closely with the client throughout the process.

They’ve given their permission for me to also share a few of the source photos used for the painting:

The title of the work uses “bee” as this is special to the family.  There’s also a bee hidden on the back of the painting.

Let me show you the painting in progress as it developed:

WIP 2013-07-29 - we bee familyWIP 2013-07-29 - we bee familyWIP 2013-07-30 - we bee familyWIP 2013-07-30 - we bee familyWIP 2013-08-01 - we bee familyWIP 2013-08-05 - we bee familyWIP 2013-08-07-18 - we bee familyWIP 2013-08-08 - we bee family

It was such a pleasure to make this work and the client and his wife were delighted with the painting.  Portraits are always challenging. Trying to capture the character converted into a RachelCreative style can be tricky but also very rewarding and I hope I get to do more.

I’m available for commissions – just send me an email.

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Whatchya Been Doin?

Many of you will be aware that due to my stupid illness I have limited resources of energy and brain.  My creative outputs have been focused in other directions for a while but always creative and, as I’ll show you soon, never losing that RachelCreative filter to turn life into art (ie. a new painting will follow shortly!)

Meanwhile I’ve rediscovered knitting from my youth and found when applied to patterns knitting is a deep held passion.  Whilst none of this creating has been of my own design but following others wonderful patterns it’s been fun and on the whole relaxing (though Mr Creative says I do swear when doing tricky knitting).



Also I’ve enjoyed much play and fun with my new niece and nephew.  Some crafty projects but mainly just free-styling silliness and fun.

me and maud

knitted beret and scarf[★]frank time tower

uncle and aunty with maud [★]climbing for 2 year olds[★]

toddler maskscape for maud

halloween window - pumpkin[★]halloween window - hands

I’ll follow this up soon with my latest painting and letting you all know I am available for commissioned paintings and drawings.

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Cycliste – Drawing


C’est un cycliste.

It’s a good year to draw a cyclist I think – British success in the Tour de France, 2012 Olympics and I got to watch the Tour of Britain close to home.
Ink & watercolour, A4 (approx 8.5″ x 12″)

My drawing for Lichfield’s 2012 Big Draw event “What is Drawing?”. Hope I make the deadline! If I do you might get to see my drawing amongst the others on display …

Celia Houghton

[In 2012] as part of The Big Draw, Lichfield District Council and the Untitled Art Group are inviting local people to send their drawings into the ‘What is Drawing?’ display. 

Taking place from 20 October to 3 November 2012, the drawings will be displayed in the window of an empty shop, between O2 and Boots Opticians, on Bakers Lane in Lichfield’s Three Spires Shopping Centre.

Celia Houghton, Lichfield District Council’s Arts Development Officer, said: “We’re keen to show the importance of drawing in our everyday life and work, so if you’re an artist, architect, designer, pattern maker, engineer, planner, teacher or simply someone that likes to doodle, please send us your drawings into the ‘ What is Drawing?’ window display and exhibition…”

Councillor Louise Flowith, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Tourism, commented:  “Drawing is such a vital skill, and we’re keen to get a good variety of drawings to add to a display that will be seen by thousands of passing shoppers. We also hope the displays and workshops will encourage people to find out how their passion for drawing can be used in the world of work.”…/newsblog.php?id=863


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Backstroke – Drawing

backstroke - drawing

I’m enjoying a bit of gentle swimming these days though I’m not skinny like this drawing.
Ink and watercolour 4×6″.
October 2012

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Baby Olympic Torch to Celebrate Relay in Our Home Town Lichfield

I made a mini Olympic Torch for my 1yr old niece Maud to celebrate the torch relay passing through Lichfield on 30th June 2012.

baby olympic torch

maud with her olympic torch

The torch is made from stiff cardboard with gold paint (bubble wrap used for the hole effect) with red and orange felt flames.

baby olympic torch

It was great to see the real torch (even if I did feel a little sceptical beforehand) and I’m very glad I made the effort. It was a little bit magical and very different to watching it on the telly or seeing pictures.

Lovely to see such a fantastic turnout and to see Lichfield packed with happy people (and hardly any cars about!).

The local young lady we saw carrying the torch, Molly, is only 14 and has already done loads for charity to help children with terminal illness. Very moving and I hope she and everyone who took part had a very special day.

Olympic Torch Bearer

Olympic Torch Bearer – Photo by CoasterMadMatt via Flickr

As for crafting thanks for the inspiration from Domestic Goddeseque and Vic from Entertaining Monsters

easy home made Olympic Torch

Domestic Goddeseque

Olympic torch craft

Entertaining Monsters

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Number One Dad – Pop Up Card

Pop up card I made for my dad’s recent 70th birthday. Seeing as 2012 is the year of the Queen’s jubilee, the Olympics in London and then the Euro football championship during his birthday I took that as my theme for the front of the card but inside I wanted him to know he’s my champion 🙂




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Christmas Makes 2011 – Handmade Stitched Gifts

As Christmas 2011 was on a bit of a budget I made a lot of our gifts. As well as biscuits I stitched some gifts mostly from beautiful patterns I found online.


Crossstitched heart decorations, felt baby shoes for my niece, a festive cross stitch tree, a snowman decoration and a felt decorative Holga.

The snowman and Holga are my own patterns but the rest came from patterns from various web sites and blogs.

Small hearts…

cross stitch coeurs

Baby shoes

felt baby shoes

Blue work heart

cross stitch coeur

2011 tree

cross stitch sapin 2011

Winter heart

cross stitch coeur hiver

Felt snowman decoration

felt snowman

Holga decoration from my own pattern

felt holga

felt holga

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