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This Is My Six-20 Brownie Model C

This is my Six-20 Brownie Model C which I got off ebay.  Look at his sweet little face. It’s a pretty simple camera with landscape and potrait waist level viewfinders.  There’s a small switch to alternate between instant and long

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This Is My Brownie Hawkeye Flash

This is my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash (BHF).  You don’t get an idea of scale from these photographs but it’s surprisingly cute. It only takes 620 film – the plastic spools on the modern 120 films are too big to

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First Roll of Film – Duaflex II

The second of my collection of vintage 620 film cameras I loaded with film was my Duaflex II. Again I used a roll of 400asa Fuji Superia 120 film respooled onto a 620 spool.  And again it was a clumsy

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My First Roll of Film – Kodak Twin 20

You might have read that I bought a load of vintage 120 and 620 film cameras.  The first one I bought was a Kodak Twin 20 and I now have the first roll of film back from the camera. Mixed

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Duaflex II – Vintage Camera 620

[PHOTO] Duaflex II – taken with Nikon D40 Here is the second of my vintage cameras a Kodak Duaflex II. Freshly cleaned today (instructions further down this blog post).  His only flaw is the top piece of covering has come

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Kodak Twin 20 – Vintage Camera 620

Inspired by TTV or Through The Viewfinder photography I decided to get myself a vintage camera.  Once I learnt you can respool 120 film onto 620 spools to let these old 620 cameras live again – well I got even

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