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Second Life ME/CFS Art Exhibition

I’ve been approached to exhibit some work about ME/CFS in Second Life at the ME/CFS Centre.  This is part of their activites for International ME/CFS Awareness in May. If any other artists are interested in showing their creative work featuring their

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Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness 2008

For 2009 onwards please visit  ME Aware blog – a central resource for individuals blogging and online activities for ME Awareness 2008 BLOG POST ARCHIVE When you have ME/CFS it can be hard enough to manage basic daily tasks let

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Banners for ME/CFS International Awareness Day

You can use any of these banners/badges on your blog or web site to show support for ME/CFS International Awareness Day on 12 May (every year).  These badges originate from a drawing I did in 2007. These images may be

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Rachel Groves, Artist
Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK