1. No – just the opposite. Our worst fear is not what we would expect it to be – it’s insecurity and I’ve been there, in fact I’m still there and it doesn’t feel good. I know how you feel so keep in touch.


  2. Aw Iain thank you 🙂 I did add that I am kind of joking about it – but but many a true word is said in jest.

    I think lots and lots and lots of people are insecure on some level or other. Mine seems to bubble up through the weirdest, silliest things.

    Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  3. Mine seems to get worse for no reason – whoever wrote the lines “things can only get better” were wrong. Can’t say that I’m depressed, just a bit angry about injustices to my work mates. I live and work in the UK and it’s like the emperors new clothes – no one seems to be concerned about anything except themselves – so it’s not only me. Many people that I know feel insecure.

    Thanks for responding to me


  4. I’ve just looked through your drawings and was fascinated. I’ve already written a book on the mundane subject of IT Security, but I’m now into writing fiction. Your illustrations would be excellent for my three main characters – can I send you the text and story line that I’ve got so far?


  5. A bad person for being insecure? No way!! You know what makes a bad person………are you a bad person? I dont think so:-)

  6. Iain. There’s nothing like a workplace to bring out the worst in some people it seems. Why so many forget their humanity and compassion when it comes to work I do not know – and that just gets magnified by poor organisation. I don’t know the situation but you might find some info on Bullying Online useful. I know it helped me to see some of what was really going on with some of my old colleagues and organisational structures.

    I have to say I’m very flattered that you would think of my drawings for your book! Thing is I’m not really up to a new project like this and I’m kind of hoping to use my drawings in my own book at some point – probably when my health allows me to get on with things a bit more! But thanks – I take that as a huge compliment :oD

  7. Y’know what, I was thinking about this… (I know, I should have been working, but what the heck). There’s a big difference between insecurity, which is kind of about worrying about what’s in other people’s heads and not really knowing how to find out, and victim thinking, which is assuming that what’s in other people’s heads is against you in some way.

    Not, I guess, that either of them would make you a bad person… they’re just a consequence of not being telepathic. But insecurity strikes me as a lot healthier (you think about it, and you care) than either victim thinking (you impute bad motives to a lot of people around you) or total security (you might well BE a bad person but you don’t give a toss whether anyone else thinks so)

    Although there is the small but distinct possibility that I am just talking out of my bottom again.

  8. Ah yes you’re right (of course you are!). In which case I was having an attack of insecurity AND victim thinking. Oh dear. LOL.

    All of it totally uneccessary and wibbley.

    Can you imagine how easy world domination would be if you didn’t go to work Mikki? Your bwerr-ain is too good for the likes of them 😉

  9. I love the drawing and I can relate! I wanted to also thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog – you really helped me figure out exactly what is/isn’t working with my site. Quite honestly I wish I had the funds to just pay someone else to do it! But that’s not an option, so I’ll keep plugging away until it seems to really work. Your suggestions seriously helped a great deal. THANK YOU! 🙂

  10. very cool performative drawing! hahahah. i’m insecure too. does it make me a bad person? no? are you sure? i mean, SURE sure? cuz i think it does. a little. no? are you sure? 🙂

  11. Jessica – yes this drawing is kind of perfect timing for putting your work and/or your critique out there! What will they think …

    I know you can get your site just how you want it and reflect yourself and your work in it too 🙂

    Ama – LOL. Yes that’s it exactly! If I need others to re-assure me and I’m insecure how will I ever be sure!? 😀

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