The Kickstart Plan Worked

Looks like that kickstart plan of mine is working.

Not only have I been scribbling every day (well I think I missed one day) but some of it I have wanted to share with you. 5 drawings blogged today! Hurrah!

My two and half weeks to fill a sketchbook are almost up and I have 7 pages (of 52 in the sketchbook) left to fill.  That is quite a bit for today but I’m sure I can do it even if it’s absent minded doodling.

Plus the kickstart on the drawing front is fuelling ideas and inspiration for other creative outlets including a bit of spontaneous sculpture. It’s all positive stuff.

Thanks for the support.

   ghostly hair needs taming it figures marshmallow on skewer catface with colour  many faces   problems drawingpinhole camera  absent mind (giraffe pattern) 


  1. The cats really remind me of your picture of Flyman having a big old sniff at your fisheye lens.
    By the way we found Miscou round the front of the house when we got in last night. I don’t know how she’d made it there – probably jumped up on the fence and then wandered along it til she got lost. She seemed a bit confused by being let in through the front door – I think she thought we were trying to kidnap her.

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