1. I love this as it shows so clearly how our minds get sick thoughts when our bodies are sick. “All” we have to do is wait it out!

  2. oy..that is poignant and painful for me!

    Is it wrong that I totally want to have a slumber party in your garden sometime, somplete with flashlights so we can spot hedgehogs?

  3. Nina – Thanks. I never remember that whilst I’m in the middle of the rough stuff though!

    Puglet – A hedgehog slumber party sounds brilliant. I do not want to see any mice or rats though. Did I mention we have bats too? Or at least a bat. So sweet.

  4. Oh, I’ve been there and back again. And there and back again. You really captured the struggle of living a life with illness and living a human life. Many people struggle this way.

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