Holga Film Swap with Ashy #2

A belated posts with the results of a second film swap with Ashy. Both of us used a Holga for these black and white double exposures. This time I shot first, sent it to Ashy and she shot it all over again.

This is mainly Lichfield meets Cambridge and the Folk Festival.

See the set on Flickr here


  1. my friend says we should get some 100asa film for holga film swaps… i suppose he is right, particularly in the summer, although i have done good double exposures with 400asa in summer and even in spain! who knows…!

  2. Some very mysterious and pleasing images here. I liked the last bunch of double exposures you posted as well. This is a very cool idea. It must be so much fun to see what turns up. Do you set any guidelines?

  3. Have I ever mentioned how much I love your photographs? I’m not usually a huge fan of photography, but I really, really, really love your stuff . I’m definitely going to HAVE to come out for your first show. I plan on buying at least one of them 🙂 maybe 2 depending on how indecisive I am that day. (Did I mention I really love it?)

  4. Ashy – I’m still trying to get results from 100asa with a single exposure let alone two! I’m game if you are but we may not see anything of my exposures ;o)

    And you’re correct.

    Donimo – Ashy is right. No rules or guidelines. No knowledge of what the other has shot either really. It’s fun yes and a little nerve wracking! You’re not sure if anything will show up, if any will work and about mucking it up for the other person!

    If you ever want to film swap let me know :o)

    Sarah – Well thank you :o) I share credit for this particular bunch with Ashy so she gets half the proceeds ;o)

    Don’t even get me started on exhibiting and selling photos! I can’t get my head quite round that just yet. But it could just happen – one day!

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