Just Thinking (Mini Painting)

“Just Thinking” a mini original painting 2.5″ x 3″ – SOLD

200810_mini just thinking

This is a thoughtful little guy. I wonder what he’s thinking about?

200810_mini just thinking detail

Enquire about this mini painting by email rachelcreative@yahoo.co.uk

This is a one off ink drawing with watercolour on thick watercolour paper (140lb acid free).

It comes in an acid free, UV protective plastic sleeve.

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5 comments on “Just Thinking (Mini Painting)
  1. Donimo says:

    I like all the space around him, it implies thought. Nice lines and bit of blush. Your work is very lyrical and your light hand works really well.

  2. Now I like the space but hadn’t connected that it suggested thought. If only I could think myself ;o)

    I’ve never thought of myself as light handed especially when drawing. My worn pen nibs seem to suggest a heavy touch. But you mean movement and strokes perhaps rather than me pressing hard on the paper like a grunt ;o)

  3. petal47 says:

    I like his facial colour. My kids used to demand a ‘peach’ coloured crayon for doing flesh. He’s very peachy.

  4. The blank space around him is space the viewer can put all of the images of the things we think he is thinking about onto the canvas in our imagination.

    ~ Kristi

  5. Petal47 – Peach crayon! That used to drive me crazy as a kid that I couldn’t colour skin tones.

    Kikolani – That’s beautiful :o)

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