Needing a New Sketchbook Obsession

stack of sketchbooksOh dear. It appears that Surrey Sketchbooks have been discontinued and I can’t find anyone with any in stock.

I’ve been using these sketchbooks for several years and I love them.

I’ve tried other kinds of sketchbooks, different weight and tooth of paper, but this particular brand have suited me well.  Not perfect but the best I’ve tried and a reasonable price too.

So now I have to find a new make of sketchbook to fall in love with.

Something A6 in size (or near to that), with heavy enough paper to take watercolour without sucking up too much wash at once, smooth enough paper to suit my pen strokes but not so smooth as to make the ink or watercolour pool on the surface, bound with a hardcover and definately not with perforations on the pages or spiral bound like so many of the mainstream highstreet makes have.

I’m nervous and unsure how many I will need to buy and to try before I find the right fit.

Who would have thought a little book full of plain paper could be tricky?

I have a pad of A5 paper which I love to make into a couple of A6 sketchbooks myself.  It’s not too complicated to do but with my health/energy problems there’s a need to have the option to just take a fresh sketchbook off the shelf.

I can remember thinking how wonderful it would be to have regular everday artists kit that I loved and used all the time.  To be one of those people who had discovered the tools they needed to just get on with the creating bit.

Now I realise that’s what I have but that when one of your staples goes out of production it’s kind of unsettling.

But I also know that there’s a real possibility I’m going to discover a sketchbook that’s even better than my beloved Surrey Sketchbooks that have served me so well.


  1. You do KNOW this is one of Einstein’s principles, altho I believe he used it regarding bras…………

  2. You might find this post interesting :

    Amazon have Moleskines on discount at the moment too.

    I know just what you mean. When I was at College the College shop sold a particular A4 sketchbook with just the right sort of paper for me and it had a pocket thingy at the back to keep stuff in. I loved them and then they stopped selling them. Never been able to find them again ;0((((

    1. Hiya Cusp – Thanks yes I had read that post before and it may have been the influence that made me order one from Amazon this week. Don’t know how I will get on – especially if I love them and they go back to full price! Eeek.

      Why stop making a great sketchbook when you are single handed buying them all? Sigh 😉

  3. Here is a list of places the A6 may still be available. It might require a ring or an email inquiry.

    They are still available at the link below for 4.10 pounds each – I suggest stocking up?,shop.product_details/flypage,flypage-ask.tpl/product_id,135/category_id,34/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,88/

    Linda says I must come to bed, I wish there was a ‘get Rachel a Surrey Sketchpad’ movement amoung the readers – each chips in for a sketchpad – I will – I will also find other places that they may be lurking. But when I wake up. Sorry

    1. Thank you so much Beth! I have indeed snapped up a stash from the davidbellamy site! Wonderful. I’ve also actually emailed my usual supplier to see if they have stopped making them or just stopped stocking them.

      There is a movement and you are it 😉

      I can adapt to a new kind of sketchbook. It can be done. It might even be better – you never know!

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