Cycliste – Drawing


C’est un cycliste.

It’s a good year to draw a cyclist I think – British success in the Tour de France, 2012 Olympics and I got to watch the Tour of Britain close to home.
Ink & watercolour, A4 (approx 8.5″ x 12″)

My drawing for Lichfield’s 2012 Big Draw event “What is Drawing?”. Hope I make the deadline! If I do you might get to see my drawing amongst the others on display …

Celia Houghton

[In 2012] as part of The Big Draw, Lichfield District Council and the Untitled Art Group are inviting local people to send their drawings into the ‘What is Drawing?’ display. 

Taking place from 20 October to 3 November 2012, the drawings will be displayed in the window of an empty shop, between O2 and Boots Opticians, on Bakers Lane in Lichfield’s Three Spires Shopping Centre.

Celia Houghton, Lichfield District Council’s Arts Development Officer, said: “We’re keen to show the importance of drawing in our everyday life and work, so if you’re an artist, architect, designer, pattern maker, engineer, planner, teacher or simply someone that likes to doodle, please send us your drawings into the ‘ What is Drawing?’ window display and exhibition…”

Councillor Louise Flowith, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Tourism, commented:  “Drawing is such a vital skill, and we’re keen to get a good variety of drawings to add to a display that will be seen by thousands of passing shoppers. We also hope the displays and workshops will encourage people to find out how their passion for drawing can be used in the world of work.”…/newsblog.php?id=863


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