Lost My W (Drawing)

This week I lost my “w”. Quite literally.

It pinged off my laptop keyboard with no hope of ever sitting amongst it’s fellow letters again.

200901 lost my w

It was possible to tap the circuit board / touchpad thingy that had perviously lay under the W but it was quite tedious.  My long fingernails have a habit of catching under the keys when I am typing fast especially when I am tired (umm … most of the time) and not lifting my fingers up.  I think of my mom when I was young telling me to left my feet when I walk and not shuffle.

laptop with letter w missing

The Man From Dell (speaking from India I think) arranged for a new keyboard to be couried to me the next day. “It is not possible for the one key to be replaced so what we will be doing is sending you a new keyboard”.

new keyboard for laptop

Removing the old keyboard and placing in the new was simple once I got past the fear of snapping something off I shouldn’t have.

laptop with keyboard removed

The new keyboard has a lovely snappy sound to it with forgiving bounce. I suspect this is due to lack of fluff, cat hair and crumb build up which was apparent in the old keyboard.

my w is back

Now I have my W again with all the other keys I just have to find things to say …


  1. I’m missing my A, F and ; on my laptop
    I flicked them off my by mistake and my warranty is up.
    I don’t even use it anymore, it depresses me.
    I hopw your new W has a long life.

  2. Rachel, I am sure there is plenty for you to say – with or without the dreaded double u – next time keyboard gives up on that particular letter just type ‘uu’. It could become your signature flourish, a bit like Paloma Picasso and her red lipstick.

    I had no idea that you are of the long finger nail variety. So was I, perfectly red as only Revlon can. Had to cut the killers when baby came along. Maybe after seventeen years it’s time to reconsider the claw.

    I see Mr Creative located at right side of bed. Question mark.


  3. My keyboard was full of Bombay mix – but that child has left home now. There’s a whole book written without any ‘e’s – ‘onder if it can be done ‘ithout ‘w’?

  4. I dread to think what is lurking under this keyboard. It’s full of crumbs from muesli bars.

    The book Petal47 mentions by the way, in English translation, is called a/void. Perhaps I am a bit of a saddo but this struck me as incredibly clever. The original (sans “E”) is in French – and someone TRANSLATED it without using the letter e either. It’s like translating poetry without losing the rhyme or meter.

  5. There is another book without e. It is Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright and it can be read online here. Reading books online is a bit rubbish actually, but it can be printed.

    Congratulations on your new w, and crumb-free laptop, Rachel. I love the quiet drama in the picture.

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