Landlord Up A Ladder (Drawing)

Heard a strange noise the other day.  Turns out it was my landlord fixing our drainpipe.  He was up a ladder at roof height, on his own, in the rain.  He’s 75.

“I noticed the downpipe has come disconnected from the gutter …” he said.  I didn’t point out that he was the one who disconnected it when he “fixed” out outside security lights 18 months ago (one of which still doesn’t work).


landlord up a ladder


  1. Rachel, landlords are the curse visited upon us to test our patience, mettle and other faculties too numerous to mention. I also believe them a most devious device to make the English keep buying the roof over their head, crippling themselves with accompanying mortgage, on top of which having to fix their own guttering. As lose-lose goes it’s a winner of a concept.

    How sweet and most generous of you that you have immortalized the offender (if only his ladder and feet).


  2. Having rented with 9 different landlords over the years I have had some interesting experiences. Having friends and family who now rent out their own property has brought a whole different perspective!

  3. Frankly we should all live in yurts. It’s safer that way and easier to move house, as long as you have an obliging donkey to carry your yurt.

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